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Legal Video

Legal Video

legal-videoOur Legal Video Specialists, use only the latest digital video equipment in order to provide you with the edge you need. Every video is archived here at Associated Reporters assuring you of easy access and complete security. We can provide your video deposition in a variety of formats, VHS, CD, DVD. Additionally, we also offer video to text synchronization of the deposition.

New Orleans

201 St. Charles Ave. Suite 4315
New Orleans, LA 70170
Tel. (504) 529-3355
Fax (504) 522-3113

Baton Rouge

2431 S. Acadian Thruway Suite 520
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Tel. (225) 216 2036
Fax (225) 216-2220


Tel. (337) 988-0556
Fax (337) 988-0962


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